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[fanfic] truth or dare and ever afters

Title: truth or dare and ever afters | pairing: donghae/ eunhyuk | genre: fluff, fail!angst, smut | rating: nc-17 | summary: and they live happily ever after. | disclaimer: I own the plot but the idea was from Adonis camp eunhyuk self-cam.

And they live happily ever after. Wait, this is just the start so what’s with that line? Well, most of the stories we read and movies we watch always ends with that. Always happy ending and everything would be as lovely as fairy tales but we don’t know what happens next to the prince and the princess once they got married and end the story with a kiss.

Hyukjae once thought of that, what will happen? Is it the love truly ever after? He sighs and rests his tired body on the bed. He closes his eyes and thought of it once again. Two years ago he got married to the love of his life, to his only lee donghae. he was happy, smiling like and idiot who thought that life is fair enough to let them have the happily ever after. He moves his head to the side table and spots a picture frame standing so proudly and exposing a lovely couple, another sigh escape his lips. Two years ago every thing seems to be a dream, a paradise he wished for but after the diagnosis, every thing seems to fall apart.

Tears slowly flow down his eyes as he remembers how he broke down knowing that he won’t last long. He has a tumor, on his head. Soon he remembered how he cried all night, how he throws inanimate objects and how he hates how donghae looks at him. it was full of love, of care and he was afraid that once he die he would never see any of those so he hates it. he doesn’t like seeing it.

He focuses his attention to the guy in the picture wearing a very big smile while the arms are securely wrapped on his waist. He wiped his tears, it was him who loved him most, it was him who cared the most but it was him who hyukjae pities the most. He sits up and took the picture, slightly caressing the rough surface of the wooden material. He was soon tracing his fingers to the other’s face. And the he hear the door burst open revealing the one in the picture.

It was all the same, the smile, the love and the warm feeling he got from the other. “im home.” It was a simple greeting for the other but he knows in his heart that it was the only thing he wants; it was an assurance, a promise. He dried his tears and puts the frame on the table again and walks towards to the new occupant of the room. “welcome home.” His trembling lips touch the soft cheeks. he could feel the arms surrounding his waist bringing him into a tight hug.

“why are you crying again?” the other ask as he strokes hyukjae’s hair. “nothing. I just feel the need to cry.” He replied.

Donghae push him away a bit so they could see each other’s face. He pecks on the peek of hyukjae’s nose, caressing the cheeks which are still cold because of crying. “are you hungry?” he ask again. Hyukjae shook his head and leans his forehead to donghae’s. “no, thank you.” but whatever his answer is donghae was determined to feed him, and before he knew it he was sitting in front of the table of his favorite foods. Donghae eyes him commandingly, the glances where authoritative, it wasn’t a request. He was ask to eat and as if his hands could think by its own it was moving, feeding him self.

The dinner was silent and no one dares to break it. Moments pass with them just staring and exchanging smiles and with that they are communicating, talking on their very own way. Once they are done they put the dishes on the sink and leave it there. They walk back to the room and lies on the empty bed.

Donghae took his video cam and starts to record, he focus it to hyukjae giving the other a sweet smile. “hyuk ah~” he said and moves closer to hyukjae the camera still in hand and recording both of them. hyukjae focuses his eyes on the camera and waves to it. “hello.” He said and rests his head on donghae’s shoulder. Then there was silence.

“hae ah, let’s play truth or dare.” hyukjae said suddenly. “huh?” donghae looks at him with a curious look in his face. “I say, let’s play truth or dare.” He repeats. “ask any question and answer it truthfully or you have to do a dare.” Hyukjae explains.

“ok then. Who will ask first?” donghae said fixing the camera on a better angle to show both of their faces.

“I’ll start.” Hyukjae said. “who among your friends is the one who is the one you think I don’t get along the most?”

Donghae breathes out. “do I have to tell you the truth?” he ask and hyukjae nods saying what is the sense of the game if he’s going to lie while smacking donghae lightly on the shoulder. Another sigh escape donghae’s lips. “it’s me.” awkward silence follows and hyukjae breaks it with a fake laugh. “it’s me who you doesn’t get along the most.” Donghae says completely.

“why?” hyukjae was hurt.

“nothing. I just want to say it’s me.”


“I want to be the only subject that would relate your life.” Hyukjae doesn’t know but he feels warm at donghae’s remark. “get it.” he replied feeling a bit giddy. “ok another.” Hyukjae said trying to change the topic and to avoid the continuous blushing.

“among your friends, who’s smells the most?” hyukjae said because he wants to satisfy donghae’s earlier statement and he wants to tease the other. He knows it was him who donghae’s like the most, it was only him donghae wants to relate to.

“that’s easy. It’s ….” donghae said pulling hyukjae using his free hand and not answering hyukjae’s question. They both laugh and “hyukkie, the reason why we don’t get along is your smell.” Donghae says jokingly making hyukjae pout. Donghae saw it and pecks on the protrude lips. “I was just joking. I love your smell. Now let’s sleep.” Donghae said and hugs hyukjae tight. He was about to turn the video cam off and lie down when hyukjae suddenly say “don’t you want to ask me?” donghae didn’t reply.

Hyukjae thought he was really tired, so he respected donghae and ask the other  “do you want me to go out so you could sleep or you go out and sleep there?”

“what do you prefer?” donghae ask him.

“uhmm~ personally I would like if you go out and sleep there.” Hyukjae said faking a very concern look to the other.

“ok, then you go out so I sleep here.” Donghae replied with a little dignity on his tone.


“because it’s your personal choice. So you better do it.”

“my personal choice. Yeah. Sorry.” Hyukjae was a bit hurt.

Then silence again.

“it’s you turn.” Donghae whispered. Hyukjae look up to him only to bump his head to donghae’s chin. He quickly caresses the spot where his head hit and looks apologetically at donghae. “let’s continue truth or dare.” Donghae said while looking at hyukjae. “when will you go out?”

“do you want me to tell you the truth?” it was now hyukjae’s turn to tease.

“of course.”

“I will never leave.” But hyukjae knows he’s lying.

“you’re lying.” The reply was stiff. They fake another laugh because it makes the atmosphere a little bit, just a little bit fine.

“really? How did you know im lying?”



“who do you love the most? Choco or bada?”

The sudden change of question makes hyukjae’s heart constrict. he knows he needs to leave, he has to go but why did donghae have to say that to him and why does the other have to make him think that soon he would leave, that soon he would leave every little thing behind. He would leave donghae all alone. He was thinking that being positive would make their situation lighter but donghae just break it, though he can’t blame the other because he was just facing the reality. The truth because once he lie he would face a dare.


“you’re lying again.”

“im not.”

“then why?”

“because bada loves you, YOU love ME and I love choco.”

“I don’t get the sense.”

“i already love choco so it’s bada who I have to love now.”

“oh hyuk that was so stupid. I want to hit you right now.”

“then hit me.” and a pair of thin lips landed on hyukjae’s plump ones.  And he thought of this: “How do you hit hyukjae?” one of their friends ask. “I hit him with my lips.”

Hyukjae knows it, he smiles as he savors the kiss that donghae was giving him, it was just a simple press of lips against lips but it makes up all the early heart aches.

“you always love it when I hit you.” donghae said once they pull away.

“yes.” Was the most accurate reply.

“then let’s sleep and I’ll hit you.”

“ok.” With a blush hyukjae nuzzles his nose to the crook of donghae’s neck.

“ok, let’s turn this off.” The camera was out of focus, donghae was trying to turn it off but then he thought of something else. Without turning the camera off he placed it on the bed side table and cuddles hyukjae. “hyukjae ah, I love you.”

“I know. I love you too.”

Closing the gap between their faces donghae hits hyukjae again, this time more passionate. Opening his mouth he welcomes donghae’s tongue, sharing the heat, the love and the passion they felt for each other. hyukjae feels the butterflies swimming in his stomach making him dizzy and out of control.

And as fast as their game ended hyukjae was lying naked on the bed while donghae was hovering on top of him with the same naked state. They are kissing feverishly, eating each others’ faces. Donghae starts to move his hands, familiarizing with the body as if it was the first time he touched it. he was making sure he knows every curve and lump. And hyukjae was enjoying it especially the warmth emitting from donghae’s hand.

Soon the hand changes, it was his mouth he uses to trace the whole body, slightly opening it making the tracks wet and eliciting a wanton moan from the guy beneath. He smiled, and continues his ministrations placing his head in between hyukjae’s thighs. He licks his way to the half-hard member. Kissing the inner thighs and sometimes licking it hard.

Hyukjae could feel the lips and the tongue against his skin and it was burning his flesh, the heat was just too much but he will never complain because it’s only the warmth that is keeping him alive. He guides his hand to donghae’s locks and caresses it, it was soft and smooth. Both their touches were light but when donghae reach hyukjae’s member the guy beneath squirm and pulls on donghae’s hairs.

Donghae kissed the tip of the now rock-hard-cock but he didn’t stay there; he devours his mouth and reach the base because he knows that it would bring more pleasure. He licks the place between the balls and the base of hyukjae’s member making him hear another wanton moan and another hard tug on his hair.

They are both enjoying the moment as if it was always their first, and with moments of continuous licking and sucking hyukjae came bursting his with fluids. Donghae pulls away and looks at the beet red face of hyukjae. how he loves it, it was too vulnerable and by looking at it he feels that he’s the most powerful man ever.

“I want to touch you forever. Please don’t leave.” Donghae whispers as he pokes his fingers on hyukjae’s wet hole. And with proper teasing he entered one of his finger, pushing it fast and pulling it slowly. Minutes later another finger joined the first one scissoring hyukjae’s inside. They could hear the slick sound of donghae’s fingers and it makes them more excited. Soon two fingers join it and was fucking hyukjae senseless. Donghae could feel the orgasm in hyukjae’s facial expression so he pulls his fingers away and replacing it with his member.

He was thrusting his way hard and fast to hyukjae while the other was following his rhythm bouncing on him. “I want you to stay forever.” Donghae says again despite the fact that they are both tired and near their orgasm. “I want to stay too.” hyukjae responded with the same amount of air.

“then stay.” Their paces where going wilder. It was getting faster and they are reaching for their climax. And with series of wanton moans and hard thrust they came with hyukjae in between their stomachs and donghae inside him. the other pulls out making some of the liquids squirt out from hyukjae’s hole.

They are regaining their energies and panting to get their normal breathing when hyukjae said “I will, I will stay.”

And hyukjae knows the answer to his question, life was fair enough, the tumor was just an obstacle, a challenge they just have to face together and yesterday the doctor hands him the results, the operation was successful and he’s 100% safe. After all it was just a challenge. To make them strong and in the end he knows that he and donghae will live happily ever after.


ROBI: oh don’t kill me. I know this is late and stupid and late and stupid and non-sense but huhu comment please. Love you all. I miss writing haehyuk. XD will update fics by the end of the week. And btw, sory for the inconsistency of the story. The plot got corrupted in my mind. Sorry sorry naega naega.

Tags: author: kimochi501, fanworks: fanfiction, length: oneshot, pairing: haehyuk, rating: nc-17

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