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PLEASE MASTER! [update5]

PLEASE MASTER [update 5]: Image.

 “minho! Stop ruining my tables and just sit in the corner!” Heechul shouted at minho who by the time he gets in the café keeps on following eunhyuk. The day he first see eunhyuk on the maids clothes his heart starts to play crazy thumping hard and fast every time he sees the other. and now he is nothing but an obsess fan. Heechul out of annoyance grab minho’s collar and drags him to sit in the corner and sending a deadly glare. “when I told you to sit own you should listen to me or you want me to ban you here?” he said then leave the poor little minho in the corner yet his line of vision keeps on following eunhyuk’s movement.

“tsk tsk tsk. Poor little minho can’t even get close to my dear hyukkie.” Donghae said teasingly to minho while eunhyuk was transferring the cup of coffee from his tray to donghae’s table. Minho glared at the guy but then he notice that eunhyuk is looking at him his expression changes and he sends a cute smile to the other. eunhyuk feels weird but make a slight smile towards minho, somehow he pities the guy. he sighed and return his attention to donghae.

“I’ll go now, anything you still want?” he ask.

Donghae fake a thinking look then he looks at eunhyuk. “as of now everything is fine, unless you can give me what I really want.” Donghae says playfully. Eunhyuk smacks him on the head and runs back to the maids’ lounge with a faint blush on his face.

Every day right after school that is the scene in the president’s café, it was always donghae on his favorite spot ordering coffee and a slice of cake, it was always eunhyuk who would serve hi—them exchanging teases and it was always minho who gets in between keeping them far from each other as far as the younger can and it was always Heechul who hits the younger with his tray or picks him by the collar and ask him to do chores for him. it was a routine.

And at the end of the day they will find themselves sitting on a larger table with a chess board in front of minho and eunhyuk, and in the end the result is always the same even how loud junho and nickhun cheers for minho, it was eunhyuk who keep on winning and minho’s always going home with a sigh and a little pout in his lips but then every one of them is happy and contented.


“my eunhyukki hyungg~~” minho shouts as he runs at the hallway freaking the hell out of every students, they find it weird because weeks ago minho is bullying eunhyuk and now he’s like a lost puppy wanting too much attention from the other. they are curious on what had happen but they shrugged it off since they know how adorable eunhyuk is, and how easily to love and respect the other.

Eunhyuk stops on his tracks and looks back, he saw a skipping minho he smiled, part of him was expecting someone else. “minho ah.” Eunhyuk looks around and saw the disbelieving glances from his schoolmates, they are probably thinking on what had happen between them that caused minho to be friendly towards him, he was afraid that sooner or later most of his schoolmate would know his secret and it scare him. what if everyone knows it and end up being disgusted by him, he the president being a maid on a café, a MAID—NOT A BUTLER—But a maid who wears apron and calls his costumers master. It pains him, it was the respect and the trust he will lose.

“how many times do I have to tell you to stop calling eunhyuk, your eunhyukkie hyung?” eunhyuk hears breaking his train of thoughts. the looks for the owner of the voice and saw it just in front of him, it was donghae who’s arm is currently circling his waist and covering him from minho’s sight. He blushes at the close proximity but he can’t push the other away as if something is preventing him to do it. he looks passed donghae’s shoulder and saw minho with the little pout again, he will trust them, he knows that donghae, minho, even nickhun and junho would keep his secret a secret. He smiled and the bell rings.


It was break time when eunhyuk decided to pay ryeowook a visit at their council office; he saw the other blushing madly, a sign that he just meets sungmin. he walks towards ryeowook and sat on the chair in front of the younger’s table. “why don’t you just tell him that you like him wookie?” he ask suddenly earning him a shock look from the other.

“tell who hyung?”

“tell sungmin you like him, may be by knowing that he would stop being so stupid and stop the competition between you two.”

“I don’t want it to stop.”


“the competition, I don’t want it to stop. It’s the only thing that is keeping us together, the only thing that keeps him from meeting me so I can’t just stop it.” ryeowook said turning down his head to a bow.

Eunhyuk feels sorry at his sudden words, he was reckless he didn’t think of ryeowook’s feelings. “im sory I didn’t mean to interfere.”

“it’s ok hyung. It’s not your fault and you’re right I should confess, but let me do it my own way. Let me do it when im ready, ok? Just support me.”

“you know I always will. By the way can you hand me the papers I need to file?”

“thanks hyung. And you don’t have to worry donghae hyung filed it for you, I passed it to the principal already. You don’t need to worry anymore, just rest because you have to attend you part time job later.” Ryeowook said smiling to him.

Since the day donghae starts following him, it was always donghae who keeps him safe, who protects him and this, it was him who help him with few of his student council works though he was not asking for any help. Of course eunhyuk wasn’t complaining but he feels sorry for the other because staying with him and doing these things for him means that donghae can’t do the things he likes for him self. he didn’t even join any club though he could join anywhere because he was talented.

But part of eunhyuk was selfish that he wants donghae to stay by his side for the rest of the day. It was always him wanting donghae to leave but it was him as well who wanted donghae to accompany him.


The bell will soon ring to signal the end of school when eunhyuk decided to check on the students by going on the rooftop and see them leave the grounds. It was his duty to check if everything is all right in the school. He reaches the roof top and breathes in some fresh air. He looks down and saw the students walking out of the school. The thought of his job pops out again, all these people trusted him, respect him and love him for being the president. Again it scares him when the thought of losing all those things came rushing to him. he sits on the ground and unknown tears starts to fall down his eyes, he was betraying them, he wasn’t true everything about him is just a pretence, he wasn’t the pure eunhyuk, he’s a maid in a café where he is not the president he is just the maid.

“if you don’t hurry Heechul hyung would be mad.” Eunhyuk looks up and saw donghae looking at him. he dried his tears but his sobs were continuous. “why are you crying?”

“donghae ah, the picture don’t ever show it to anyone else please.”

“of course I won’t . this picture is just mine. I wont let anybody see you. they might get interested and steal you from me.” donghae said raising the mentioned picture—taken in the café as donghae’s reward for winning against eunhyuk.

“no not that. I-I don’t want you to show it to anybody.”

“are you afraid this will change you image? Is that the reason why are you crying?”

Eunhyuk nods. “I’m afraid they will not respect me as the president once they know my job.”

“your job is legal, you don’t have to be afraid. It was a good job, you’re not killing or stealing. You’re not prostituting. And you know you can’t please everybody so if anyone hates you I’ll be here liking you, supporting you forever.” Donghae’s words wakes eunhyuk from his worries, donghae was right, he’s not doing anything against the law, and he knows that his co students are matured enough to understand his situation though may be some of them would change their views about eunhyuk there are still some who would like him and support him like donghae and minho’s group.

“thank you .” eunhyuk smiled at donghae, sometimes this childish guy could make some sensible words. “just don’t show the pictures to anybody, it’s still embarrassing.” Eunhyuk said blushing, for him it was embarrassing because he looks funny especially how his eyes bug out when donghae kiss him on the cheeks when that photo is taken.

Donghae smiled and pat eunhyuk’s head. “I won’t. im selfish when it comes to you.”  he was about to hide it back to his pocket when a strong wind blew away the picture and it was about to land on the bunch of students who by the time are happily walking home. Though eunhyuk was not worrying about what will they think it was just so embarrassing that he panicked at what happened.

“I’ll get it.” donghae saw eunhyuk’s worry.

“how? Even if you’re fast you can’t go down and take it on time. this is too high and the moment you reach the end of the stairs the kids would be seeing it.” eunhyuk said.

“who told you im going to use the stairs?” donghae said stepping on the end of the roof top.

“hey! What are you thinking!”

“im going to jump.”

“what? No! this is too high you’ll die. Stop it I don’t care about the picture.” Eunhyuk said running towards donghae.

“but if I didn’t get it everyone will know your secret.”

“I don’t care. I don’t need them if im going to lose you.” and eunhyuk found himself in donghae’s warm embrace.

“don’t worry. Just trust me. I love you.” donghae peck on eunhyuk’s lips and then jump. In the mid air it was seen that he grab the picture and hits branches of the tree. Eunhyuk runs down the stairs with a lot of worry for donghae. he runs on the direction where donghae could have fall, he pants as he reach the pool side and saw donghae there, wet and panting as well. he runs towards the guy and crying, not because of sadness but the happiness and relief that he felt when he saw that donghae was alive.

“are you ok?” he ask and cups donghae’s face. Donghae smiled at him and raises the picture.

“I got it on time. I save my maid again.”

“you are very very stupid! What if you die, what if—“ but before he finish his sentence he was pull by donghae into a warm kiss. And as if it was the best thing to do he close his eyes and welcomes donghae’s kiss. Donghae, donghae is someone he can’t lose right now, donghae is very special, his master, his protector and right now donghae is someone he dears.

After the kiss eunhyuk was blushing madly so he lowers his head to avoid donghae’s looks. “why did you do it?” eunhyuk ask head still in a low bow.

“I told you, it’s because I love you.” donghae said in a matter of fact tone.

“i.. thank you.” eunhyuk said and he could feel donghae’s hand patting his head again.

“nothing to be so thankful.”

And eunhyuk smiles at the warm feeling that donghae is giving him. as of now, he would be selfish and keep this donghae by his side.

ROBI: sorry for the lame, short and late update. Im really, really sorry. School is making me so busy. I just can’t ignore all my assignments and quizzes, my grades are falling so I really need to focus. But once I get the time I will update faster. Sorry for the typos and grammatical errors as well. my laptop is not working properly. I have to stab the keys before they work for me. geez. And sorry for the long note, always comments are love.


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